Truck crashes into the Old Town Playhouse

A truck crashed into the Old Town Playhouse on the corner of E. Eighth and Cass in Traverse City.

A vehicle driving through a red flashing light is blamed for causing the driver of a truck to veer into the Old Town Playhouse in Traverse City.

It happened around 5:45am Thursday.

Traverse City Fire Department Chief Jim Tuller tells 7&4 News the truck was heading east on Eighth Street. As the driver of the truck approached the yellow flashing light at Cass, another vehicle went through the red flashing light. The driver of the truck veered in the other direction to avoid a crash, hit the curb and ran into the north wall of the Old Town Playhouse.

No one was injured and there is no damage to the building.

Chief Tuller warns drivers to remember you must stop at a red flashing light. He also says to approach intersections with caution, especially when roads are slippery.