Tustin woodcrafter transforms trees into works of art

Jon Peterson is a woodcrafter from Tustin, MI.

Jon Peterson is a passionate woodcrafter from Tustin.

â??Itâ??s like when you sing a song that you wrote, nobody can tell you you sang it wrong because itâ??s your own song,â?? said Jon Peterson.

From the outside his ordinary looking workshop conceals the extraordinary works of art within.

Peterson said it is easy to be inspired when he is surrounded by nature.

â??We got 55 acres here, mostly hardwoods and when Iâ??m out on the back 40 Iâ??m always scouting," said Peterson. "I find trees that have gone down with lightning or wind, or some that have died from old age or disease and those are the ones I harvest.â??

Jon works with various types of wood including maple, cherry, and beech.

â??I got interest in them theyâ??ve got real character, theyâ??re not perfect with clear straight grain, which to me is very boring,â?? said Peterson.

His wife and daughter are the inspiration for his works of art. He said his pieces can range in price from $40 to nearly $2,000.

â??Thereâ??s that saying I want to wear out rather than rust out, I love to work I love to be creative,â?? said Peterson.

You can find out more about Jon Peterson and JRP Handcrafted Woods on the website