Two arrested in Manistee animal abuse case

Two people were arrested after 40-50 dogs were found underweight and covered in feces in Manistee County.

Two people were arrested for animal cruelty stemming from the investigation in Marilla Township.

Wanda and Maxwell Wiggins are being held in the Manistee County Jail on charges of Abandoning/Cruelty to 10 or more animals, which is a four-year felony, according to the Manistee County Sheriff's Office.

The arrests stem from an anonymous tip which led officers to find 40 to 50 dogs, most of which were underweight and covered in feces.

The owners of the dogs said some of the animals had whip worms. They also said they were under the care of a veterinarian.

Twenty-five of the dogs were taken from the home and placed in shelters around Manistee County.