Two golfers complete Hundred Hole Hike

It was a beautiful day in northern Michigan, and for many, that may have meant a round of golf. But for two dedicated members of the Kingsley Club, it was over 100 holes of golf.

That's right, the Hundred Hole Hike brought golfers Chris Hufnagle and Howard Riefs out at the break of dawn Monday to take advantage of the extra sunlight to walk over 100 holes of golf on the hilly terrain of the Kingsley Club, all for charity.

Both Chris and Howard walked over 35 miles to support the Traverse Bay Children's Advocacy Center's fight against child sexual abuse. The Hundred Hole Hike is a national event taking place all around the country for various charities. This year, Hufnagle and Riefs earned nearly $10,000 in pledged donations for the cause. Golfers ended their day around 9pm.

If you would like to support this cause, go to and search for the Kingsley Club hike. Donations can also be made directly to the Traverse Bay Children's Advocacy Center at

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