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      Two suspects arrested for abuse of mobility impaired victim

      Two people were arrested in connection with the sexual assault of a 'very vulnerable and very limited mobility' victim Monday causing the sheriff's office to comment that this is an 'extremely disturbing case' on Drummond Island.

      â??I haven't had a case like this in 23 years of law enforcement,â?? said Chippewa County Undersheriff Mike Bitnar. â??I've had a lot of criminal sexual conduct complaints but nothing like this.â??

      According to the Chippewa County Sheriff's Office, James Howard Shaul, 35 of Drummond Island, was arrested on charges for 2nd degree Criminal Sexual Contact, 1st degree adult abuse, kidnapping with intent to commit CSC, 4th habitual offender as well as he is already on the sex offender list from a past criminal sexual conduct case.

      The other suspect is Melissa Ann Greiser, 30 of Drummond Island, who was arrested for a charge of 1st degree vulnerable adult abuse.

      Greiser was a home healthcare provider for the victim Investigators say was in her 60â??s.

      Undersheriff Bitnar believes Greiser brought her boyfriend, James Shaul, with her and subsequently left him alone with the victim for several hours when the assault occurred.

      The sheriff's office expects more felony charges for one or both of the suspects.

      Shaul has been denied bond. Bail for Greiser has been set for $25,000.

      Shaul and Greiser are scheduled for preliminary hearings on Aug. 28.

      James Shaul was in the Chippewa County Circuit Court on Tuesday. The judge set his date jury trial as Jan. 28, 29,30 2015.

      Melissa Greiser has a pretrial on Nov. 4.