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      University of Michigan fantasy camp fulfills dreams, funds cancer research

      It's a dream come true for any diehard University of Michigan football fan; training with the coaches, getting their very own locker and playing on the field at the Big House.

      From the field to the research lab, the Michigan Men's Football Experience not only makes dreams come true on the turf, it's also helping support research for the most common form of cancer found in men.

      â??It's a fundraiser but it's also a wonderful opportunity for men who love Michigan football and always wanted to know what are those locker rooms like? What's it like to put on that jersey? What's it like to run through that tunnel,â?? said Dave Brandon, University of Michigan Director of Athletics. For those who live and breathe Michigan football it's an opportunity like none other to kick a field goal and help find ways to kick prostate cancer.

      â??Through the support and participation of participants of the men of Michigan football experience we're guaranteed that for the next ten to 15 years those discoveries will continue to come right here from Ann Arbor,â?? said Dr. Ganesh Palapattu, University of Michigan Chief of Urologic Oncology. 85 percent of the proceeds from the program support prostate cancer research, bringing in on average more than 150 thousand dollars.

      The Michigan Men's Football Experience started in 2006 by Brandon. When Lloyd Carr heard about the idea the two men immediately started making the dream come to life.

      â??I had a particular interest in the work that was being done at the Department of Urology at the University of Michigan Cancer Center,â?? said Brandon. That's because Brandon was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

      The program was a way to honor the doctor who performed the lifesaving surgery.

      Since then coach Brady Hoke jumped on board with the idea, bringing in up to 116 men as they spend two days learning what it would be like to be a University of Michigan football player. â??You can't write a check big enough to have an opportunity to be in the team meeting room in Schembechler Hall.â?? For Michigan fans it may be difficult to put a price on the experience. For researchers and those suffering from prostate cancer the money from the program will be welcomed with open arms.

      The Michigan Men's Football Experience gets underway on June 4th.