Unusual roadside offering sparks double-takes

A for sale sign next to this has passing motorists stopping to ask a lot of questions. 

If you drive around Northern Michigan, often you can find unusual things by the roadside for sale. But it's hard to find something that will have you doing a double take more than what Garth Ward has for sale at his Grand Traverse County home. It's rare, it's eco and wallet friendly and according to its current owner, it's a whole lot of fun to own.

With a smile on his face, Garth Ward stands beside the unusual, orange contraption for sale at the end of his driveway, and explains, "this is a 2000 Corbin Sparrow." You may have never heard of a Corbin Sparrow. You may have never seen one before. But if you drive by Garth Ward's house, you can check one out that you could actually drive home.

As Garth explains, "I wouldn't be selling it but the farmer's tractor needs an engine so one of the toys has to go." It's a toy, that gets a lot of attention and a sparks a lot of questions. Basically it's an electric three wheeled motorcycle with a fiberglass body. This one is pretty much all original from the factory. It is one of only 100 ever built. Garth says "It's 156-volt direct drive motors, 0-60 in 10 seconds, tilt steering, your stereo, your computer plug in, it's got your heater, it has a fan, it doesn't have air conditioning you roll down both the windows, it's air conditioning."

It has a lot of things like 13 full size batteries to keep it rolling but something it doesn't have is fairly obvious; that being a roomy interior. "You can go up to a street light, stretch your arms above through the windows and clap your hands above you head on the outside of the car" says Garth with a smile.

Long before the Prius or the Tesla, there were experiments like the Sparrow. It was an attempt 17 years ago to get people from here to there without having to spend a lot on gas. This particular vehicle didn't quite catch on but according to Garth, it wasn't because it was a drag to drive. He says “its very fun to drive, it's like a go-kart, people will say "hey nice clown car!"...whatever, it drives really fun. I just wish they'd come out with a double seater, my wife wants to go with me everywhere in this."

For more information about the Sparrow, or Garth's interest in selling it, you can contact him directly at (231)-645-4479.

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