UpNorthLive ReVibe: Gilligan likes his new shed!

Tricks-of-the-Trade expert Dan Brady is the first mate in this episode of Upnorthlive ReVibe! And designer Denine Dingeman is the skipper! Watch the big reveal of their shabby shed ReVibe!

Designer Denine Dingeman shares her inspiration and teaches you to affordably style with ease! She's teaming up with Dan Brady, "tricks-of-the-trade" painter at Dan Brady Painting and Wood Restoration. And although Dan wanted a "man cave," Denine proves a little nautical style can create a fun getaway in your own backyard.

How to ReVibe a storage shed to be as attractive as it is functional:

Denine's advice of the day: "The charm and personality of a storage building or shed can make spending time outdoors so much more fun for everyone in your family," said Denine. "An outbuilding can easily become a getaway or special place for children and family members of all ages, and the memories you create will last a lifetime. Refer to things you love to create a stylish, outdoor destination!"

Dan's trick of the day: "Before any painting or staining of walls or decking, test wood by using a moisture meter," said Dan. "For paint to best adhere, you need to have the correct moisture level content in the wood prior to painting. As I've mentioned before, Northwood Paint & Supply or any home improvement store will carry moisture meters. Use it before you finish decks or walls.

BONUS trick: If you want to feel like Designer Denine, consider creating an accent wall within your outbuilding by painting a complementary color or design on one area of your space!

Denine's tip to create a "futon" style seating area from a bi-fold door:

Select a solid wood, cast-off bi-fold door and make sure hinges are secure and in working order. Clean off any loose or peeling paint and repair damaged areas.

For a casual, relaxed style, leave the bi-fold door as it is, or paint it to match décor of your area. Place bricks or blocks underneath the bi-fold door as you open it up and place it on the ground for a larger surface area.

Next, Fold the door and prop it up for a seating area that's not as deep. Using bench cushions and pillows, your cast-off bi-fold door creates a stylish, comfortable, and best of all EASY solution to seating within your new outdoor living space!

To see the BIG reveal (and a special appearance from Gilligan), click the video above.

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