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      U.S. postal stamp honors local veteran

      One hundred and forty five Americans received the Medal of Honor during the Korean War and today there are only nine of those soldiers still alive.

      Duane Dewey of Lake County was one of them, and was honored by the U.S. Postal Service.

      "I was the first one to be decorated with the Medal of Honor from President Eisenhower," says Dewey.

      In April of 1952 during the Korean War Dewey smothered an exploding grenade with his own body to save the lives of other marines around him.

      Just last week the U.S. Postal Service recognized the Medal of Honor recipients at Arlington National Cemetery.

      However, Dewey wanted to share that experience with his home town.

      "He didn't have to go to Washington and he gets to be around his own people, it's more personal this way," says Deweyâ??s wife Bertha Dewey.

      Fellow Korean War veteran Lawrence Huntley, another Michigan native, came here today to meet Dewey.

      "You don't meet to many medal of honor winners that are alive so I thought Iâ??d just like to meet him, shake his hand and ask him how he received it and what he did for it," says Korean War Veteran Lawrence Huntley.

      Hundreds of people lined up and came down the main street of Irons waving their flags all to honor their very special resident.

      "The town has come together in such an amazing way and we have had so many people to put this event on and it has just grown and grown from a small event," says Post Master of Irons Lora Herrmann.

      Dewey arrived at Skinner Park in style for his special ceremony, where they revealed a plaque representing the Medal of Honor stamp.

      "To see it get this large it's, I donâ??t have words for it, it's just awesome," says Dewey.

      During the ceremony the U.S. Coast Guard Air Station, Traverse City, did an aerial salute during the National Anthem.

      The stamps are in circulation, so next time you go into the post office keep an eye out for the Medal of Honor: Korean War Forever stamp prestige folio.