Vandals throw rocks at traffic in Antrim County

And there were three boys running at us with their arms cock
like this and came right at us and threw rocks
," Passenger Robin Hatfield said.


nd this is the damage to
Robin Hatfield's white Cadillac. She and her two friends were driving along State Route 31 in Antrim County near this intersection early thursday when the attack began.


We could do nothing but be in complete shock that young children would be on the side of the road at one in the morning waiting to sabotage cars coming down the highway going at least 55 miles an hour

," Passenger Liz Wittenberg said.


Antrim County Sheriff's Department is looking for the teens responsible. They say the boys seem to be between the ages of 13 and 14. And until the kids are found, Robin and Liz will continue to wonder why anyone would try to hurt them.


We are very lucky that we survived that accident,"
Wittenberg said.