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      Village asks legislators to replace infested trees

      The only wood drop-off site, just off of I-75 before crossing the Mackinac Bridge

      A n Emmet County village says the statewide effort to keep the Emerald Ash Borer out of the Upper Peninsula is actually killing trees in their community.

      T he only wood drop - off site , just off of I-75 before crossing the Mackinac Bridge, is located in Mackinaw City and that site is where village council members say the damage is being done.

      Council spelled it out clearly in a letter to the Governor and other leaders in Lansing, that they believe the invasive species is being brought to their town and destroying their trees.

      " A lot of times the w ood is just stacked outside of the container and not put inside and that's where we are having the problem ," Bob Glenn, Village of Mackinaw City Trustee said.

      A nyone traveling to the Upper Peninsula is required by law to get rid of any firewood before crossing the Mackinac Bridge.

      T h e small closed off dumpster like container is the only place you can do so. It's less than a mile from from downtown, where so far around 100 trees have been killed.

      " It's a lot of money and that's money we don't have with today's taxes and they way they are ," Glenn said.

      E ach tree costs $130 to replace, plus the costs of labor.

      T he village has already started to plant new trees , but with such a heavy price tag, they need help. They are hoping the State will take responsibility for this issue and quickly replace the trees.