Vineyards keeping close watch over crops during cold snap

Vineyards keeping close watch over crops during cold snap

Wine is a big business in northern Michigan and vineyard managers in both Grand Traverse and Leelanau Counties will be keeping a very close watch on the temperatures over the next two days.

As the predictions sit right now, Michigan State University Extension says the vineyards don't have much to worry about just yet.

Chateau Chantal says they will only become concerned if air temperatures drop to -5 or below.

While some areas in Grand Traverse County can expect wind chills below zero, MSU Extension says those won't impact things.

Chateau Chantal says they'll be monitoring the temps every hour.

Maria-Chantal Dalese says the vineyard receives a lot of protection from the unfrozen bay, along with all of the snow we've received that serves as an insulator for the vines.

"We're not anticipating to receive those very cold temperatures given our current conditions, with the bays still providing us with a buffer so to speak," Dalese said. "We're anticipating coming through this just fine and we will look to warm up just like everyone else is looking to warm up very soon."

The last time a cold snap damaged many grape crops in the area was in 2015.

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