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      Volunteer weather observer honored after 41 years of service

      Each year the National Weather Service gives out the prestigious John Campanius Holm award to weather observers around the U.S. and northern Michigan has its first winner.

      Hazel Evans age 78 from Benzie County has been sending in her results every single day for the last 41 years, and the National Weather Service is rewarding her dedication.

      There are more than 8,000 weather observers nationally and only 20 of them receive this award and Evans were one of them.

      "Itâ??s become quite addictive really," says volunteer weather observer Hazel Evans.

      Evans is an official weather observer for the National Weather Service, if she's not digging in her garden or sewing inside, you can find her trucking through her yard to record daily temperatures and measurements from an instrument shelter behind her house.

      "Iâ??ve been constant I haven't been gone anywhere for any period of time in the last 41 years," says Evans.

      Evans husband passed away in 1971 and was the original weather observer but she decided to carry on in his memory.

      "If we have a storm in the middle of the night Iâ??m going to get up and measure how much rain fall we got," says Evans.

      Hazel calls in her data daily to the National Weather Service; they become statistics and are included in the daily temperatures, precipitation summaries and in several studies.

      The National Weather Service in Gaylord nominated her for being so reliable.

      "Her forms and her data is accurate, it's perfect and her attention to detail is better than anyone Iâ??ve ever met, very systematic and very reliable she hasn't missed a day," says observation programs leader Keith Berger.

      Evans forecast doesn't show any signs of slowing down any time soon.

      "Itâ??s addictive it's almost impossible not to want to know every minute what's going on," says Evans.

      To be nominated for this award the volunteers must have 20 years of data and experience.

      Evans will receive this award at a private lunch with members from the National Weather Service in Gaylord this Friday, Aug. 22.