Warm and humid thru the weekend

From now thru the weekend, there will be occasional showers moving across the Great Lakes, but the real story is that for a few days it will really feel like Augustâ?¦warm and humid.

Tonightâ??s lows will range from 55 to 65 degrees. You might run into some fog. Showers will march thru, and you may hear thunder. Light wind.

Fridayâ??s highs will be in the 70s to middle 80s, and the humidity is not going away. Rain will fallâ?¦better chance is in the AMâ?¦and in the Lower Peninsula. In the Upper Peninsula, itâ??s possible you go the entire day without rain. Donâ??t look for much sunshine anywhere.

Saturday and Sundayâ?¦more clouds and more warm, humid days and nights. Lows in the 60sâ?¦highs in the 80s for most of us. Scattered showers will pop, but the better chance for getting wet is Sunday.

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