Warm, humid, cloudy this weekend

The weekend will be warm, humid, and cloudy. In the early AM both Saturday and Sunday you could wake to fog. Weâ??ll see a few breaks in the cloud cover thru the day, but there isnâ??t much sun in the forecast. Despite the cloudsâ?¦the chance of rain is small. Itâ??ll feel damp because it will be humid, but there will be little measurable rainâ?¦just a spotty shower or two.

Highs on Saturday will range from the middle 70s to lower 80s. On Sunday even more 80s are expected around northern Michigan. At night, the lows will stay in the lower 60s for most of us. Light wind this weekendâ?¦from the east or southeast 5-15 mph.

Mondayâ?¦the chance for rain risesâ?¦and weâ??ll get some thunder, too.

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