57 / 40
      60 / 50
      70 / 56

      Warm, sunny, smoky this weekend

      Smoke from fires in western Canada is spreading into the U.S. Midwest including Michigan.

      Great looking weekend. And finally a warm weekend this summer. Daytime highs Saturday will be mostly 70s with a few low 80s?|and Sunday even more highs in the 80s will show up on the map. Look for plenty of sunshine, but if you need rain?|we won??t see any until next week.

      Here??s something a bit odd. We??re get sunshine this weekend, but the sky will have a ??dirty?? or ??milky?? look to it. That??s smoke from numerous fires in western Canada. Upper level atmospheric wind is carrying some of that smoke thousands of miles into the U.S. Midwest. It??s not a hazard, but it will rob us of the blue sky we would have seen this weekend.

      On Monday?|it will be in the 80s?|humid?|and partly sunny. There will be a chance for showers in the Upper Peninsula. On Tuesday and Wednesday?|we all have a chance for rain and thunderstorms.

      Wind will be light this weekend?|5-15 mph?|mostly from the south.