Warm temperatures having positive impact on crops

Friday is the first official day of fall, but as we all know it sure doesn't feel like it outside.

Some northern Michigan growers say they're welcoming these higher temperatures for many of their crops.

The folks at Jacob's Corn Maze say these unseasonably warm temperatures paired with the rain from the summer has been great for their raspberries, strawberries, corn and apples.

They say their corn this year is a record 8-10 feet tall, which is perfect for the corn maze.

MSU Extension says the apple crop all throughout the area looks great, but they believe things could start to ripen a lot faster than normal, and growers may need to adjust their harvest schedule to keep up.

Jacobs says the sooner the better for their customers.

"They're really excited about fall this time of year and they want to get out and pick," said Ruth Haven, a manager at Jacob's Corn Maze. "So for us it's been a really good thing."

Vineyards are also taking full advantage of these warm temperatures.

Grape growers say any heat accumulation at this point is a bonus, and that it will help the grapes to produce more sugar, which is great for red wines.

MSU Extension says some growers may want to make adjustments for where and when they store apples, to help keep them fresh for longer.

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