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      Warmer weather springs roads into pothole season

      T he recent warmer temperature is a nice break from the cold , but is causing an old problem to pop up again , potholes.

      M any of our roads are damaged and local road commissions are working overtime to make sure your ride is smoother.

      A fter months of wear and tear , we are finally getting a first look at how bad the roads really are.

      "T hey can do a lot of damage to vehicle s and you pay attention so you don't drop into one ," Sam Fahl, concerned driver said.

      D ropping into one may cost your car damage and cost you hundreds of dollars in repair costs.

      O ur county road commissions are trying to save you a headache by getting out Monday and trying to fill as many potholes as they can.

      "W e've had a few complaints , but people for the most part know we've been getting snow constantly and we haven't had time and if the weather finally gives us a break so we can get out there do something about them," David Priest, Leelanau County Road Commission Superintendent said.

      T he roads are already starting to soften , making them more vulnerable for pot holes to form.

      W ith that being said , fi xing the damaged roads will likely make a big dent in our area road commission budgets.

      "G ood roads cost money and bad roads cost more money," Tom Deans, Otsego County Road Commission Manager said.

      I n Lansing, legislators are proposing a move that would allocate $100 million to these departments to help alleviate these costs, but right now that bill is stalled.

      "I t's greatly needed , it's affecting our summer budget it will affect it so this money will be welcome ," Deans said.