Warming trend on the horizon

All signs are pointing to a warmer second half of August. In the meantime, pleasant and quiet weather will take us towards the weeekend.

Chilly temperatures greeted us early Wednesday morning with a few locations dipping into the mid/upper-30's. We had a report of 34F between Grayling and Kalkaska. Other locations that fell into the 30's overnight include Indian River and Wellston (37F) Grayling dropped to 38F and even Manistee dipped to 39F at the airport just north of town.

As I mentioned in an article yesterday, there are certainly signs of a major pattern shift which implies a much warmer second half of August may be in the offing with summer like temperatures working back in.

In the meantime, we still have one unseasonably cool day Wednesday as temperatures will top out between 65-70F Wednesday afternoon. It will be a couple of degrees warmer than Tuesday with a lot more in the way of sunshine forecasted as high pressure nudges into the region. A northwest breeze will prevail keeping temperatures from getting into the 70's.

Winds will go westerly Thursday and eventually southwesterly by the weekend leading to a warming trend. Highs Thursday reach the mid-70's with upper-70's and even a few low-80's arriving by the weekend. Rain chances are minimal, but we may see a few very spotty showers inland away from the Great Lakes Friday afternoon.