Water reaches record levels on Manistee River

Flood waters have been rising for the past few days in Wexford County as the Manistee River hit record levels.

Flood waters have been rising for the past few days in Wexford County as the Manistee River hit record levels.

â??Way worse than it's ever been,â?? said Dennis Sparks from Mesick.

Sparks has lived near the Manistee River his entire life, and the recent flooding is something he's never seen.

â??I've seen some water up but it's never been anywhere to the degree that it's up... now around all these houses.â??

The Manistee River hit record levels near Sherman.

The measuring station along M-37 says the river has reached 16.9 feet, breaking a record from 2008.

"This is a pretty incredible event. It's something that we've been talking about at the weather service the past month or so. We've been in contact with emergency managers... talking about the possibility of flooding,â?? said John Boris, National Weather Service Forecaster. â??With this event that we had recently with the rainfall and the snow melt added on top of that and the frozen ground has really made the river go up quite a bit.â??

The Wexford County Sheriffâ??s boat made well being checks Tuesday afternoon. Everyone who lives in areas covered by water was out of their homes.

Now that the river has spilled over it's banks people are sending in flood damage reports.

â??Lots of water in the basement. We're working to compile that data; find out where we're going to have to send our damage assessment teams,â?? said Sarah Benson, Wexford County Emergency Management Coordinator.

When teams head out to survey the damage is still unclear.

â??A lot of it depends on mother nature and how precipitation and weather is going to play out in the next couple of days.â??

â??It looks like the river will probably stay above flood stage which is 15 feet at this location for the next couple of days,â?? said Boris.

Boris says water levels are expected to start falling Tuesday night.

For those who have been affected by the floods in Wexford County, you're being asked to call (231) 779-9460 or (231) 779-9507 to report flood damage to homes and businesses.