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      Well-known guitar player visits Film Festival

      Friday afternoon a member from a popular 90's band Rage Against the Machine sat down with Michael Moore for a panel discussion in the City Opera House.

      Tom Morello took center stage with Moore, who introduced him and explained how they have been friends for years.

      The two shared laughs with the audience as they talked about their shared interest for music and movies.

      Morello checked out the Traverse City Film Festival for the first time Thursday night.

      "One of my favorite parts of the week was I saw â??Casablancaâ?? last night at the open air theater and that was fantastic,â?? said Tom Morello. â??Iâ??ve seen that movie before of course, but never seen it on a big screen, never seen it on a super huge screen, and to watch that on a beautiful night was really a highlight, it's a great part of the film festival," said Morello.

      This is Morello's first year on the Traverse City Film Festival board of members.