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      Wexford County shooting suspect arraigned on homicide-open murder

      The suspect in the deadly Wexford County shooting, Eric Beauchamp, was arraigned on Sunday for homicide-open murder.

      "Somebody was allegedly killed without justification and the perimeters of what cause that or whether it was premeditated or not etc. is ultimately left up to a jury to decide or a judge," says Wexford County Prosecutor Tony Badovinac.

      The shooting happened around 1 p.m. when it is believed that Beauchamp killed a woman at the home on N. 25 1/2 Rd. in Wexford County.

      Lindsey Morgan, 34, was the confirmed victim in Friday's deadly shooting in Buckley.

      State police havenâ??t confirmed the relationship between Beauchamp and Morgan, or a motive in the killing.

      "At least one child was his child," says Michigan State Police Lt. Kip Belcher.

      After an eight-hour search, authorities were able to get Beauchamp in custody after he crashed the car he was driving near the Peterson Bridge.

      "Mr. Beauchamp was able to access a vehicle early on in this process, in all likely hood before we were able to establish checkpoint positions and our perimeter points,â?? says Lt. Kip Belcher.

      Beauchamp was air lifted to Munson Medical Center in Traverse City for treatment of a gunshot wound. He was then transported to the Wexford County Jail Saturday night.

      Beauchamp is scheduled to be in court for a pretrial on Aug. 19.