What is the latest northern Michigan's ever accumulated snow?

While snow is still common on April, big snows have fallen well into May in the past.

With a chilly and somewhat snowy April across Northern Michigan, a few viewers have emailed in or asked me what the latest date accumulating snow has fallen is.

It all depends on where you live, but April snow is actually a fairly common occurrence. However, there have been several days in May where accumulating snow has also fallen.

The latest date I could find that measurable snow fell in the 7&4 viewing area was at Sault Ste. Marie back on May 29, 1947, when 4.6" of snow fell just a couple days short of June. In fact, that is also the biggest one day snow ever there for the month of May.

For Houghton Lake, the latest snow of the season there took place May 16, 1973 when just over a half inch fell.

At Traverse City, the latest measurable snow of the season ever fell on May 27, 1907 when 2.0" covered the ground. Traverse City's biggest one day May snow fell on May 14, 1909 when 6.0" fell.

The Alpena area had it's latest snow May 22, 1917 with 4" falling from a very late season storm that year. The biggest one day May snow for Alpena was May 3, 1929 when 8.7" slammed the area.

The same storm that brought Traverse City its 2.0" on May 27, 1907 buried Gaylord that very same day with 6.0" of snow in Otsego County which is the latest ever measured there.

Even Big Rapids picked up 3.0" of snow May 27, 1907 from the same late winter storm.

The big winner though goes to no surprise, Marquette which was buried on May 10, 1990 under 14.2" of snow. As a middle school student living in Norway, Michigan in the U.P. at that time, I recall that storm as school was closed for a couple of days. Get this, Marquette has also picked up 0.2" of snow as late as June 2nd before in both 1910 and 1919.

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