Where is Baby Kate? Day 5 of Sean Phillips trial

Sean Phillips faces a charge of Unlawful Imprisonment, which is a 15 year felony, in the disappearance of his daughter.

A shocking day in the Sean Phillips trial as Baby Kate's mother storms out of the courtroom after the prosecution hands her her missing baby's clothing.

The Prosecutor recalled Ariel Courtland to the stand to identify a bag of clothing that Baby Kate was wearing when she was last seen. While on the stand, Ariel picked up the clothing, remained silent, and then sprinted from the courtroom.

Courtland's actions prompted the defense to consider asking for a mistrial. "He brings her back and oh, oh she goes out of the courtroom. It was planned for the jury, for the media, and I think it was wrong. I would ask for a mistrial but I talked to my client and he doesn't want to start over again." says Annette Smedley, Phillip's lawyer.

Later, Sgt. Jody Hartley took the stand to testify about the moments officers located Phillips at his home on Millerton Rd. Sgt. Hartley said he found Baby Kate's clothing in Phillip's pocket and the baby's car seat was in the trunk of his car.

One of the last people to testify was a jail guard who said he found a note in Phillip's pocket that read "I gave her to a guy along with a list of families that are adopting."

Sean Phillips, 21, is accused of abducting his then 4 1/2 month old daughter Kate Phillips.

When Friday's court session began, Officer Kuster with the Ludington Police Department testified that he found Kate's car seat in Phillips car on June 29.

Phillips faces a charge of Unlawful Imprisonment, which is a 15 year felony, in the disappearance of his daughter. Police say the baby was last seen on June 29, 2011 when Sean drove off with her.

The trial is expected to continue through next week.

Thursday, friends and relatives of baby Kate's mother Ariel Courtland and Sean Phillips, took the stand.

Earlier in the day Anna Appledorn, who works for Child Protective Services testified that Courtland came to CPS the day after Kate disappeared. Courtland asked her if she had Kate and when Appledorn told her no, she says Courtland immediately left.

The next witness was Dan Ruba, a family friend. He said Courtland and Phillips fought a lot and that Phillips started acting strange after he returned from military training.

"We were in the garage once and he had told me and another friend that he could hide a body that nobody could find, and that really struck me as strange," said Ruba.

Later Courtland's mother April Lange took the stand for over an hour. She said Ariel's behavior was confusing during the days following baby Kate's disappearance.

Lange also said the only time she saw Ariel cry during that time was when she saw a picture of Sean Phillips in an orange jumpsuit online, and she tried to get his bond lowered to get him out. She also said that she thinks her daughter is still in love with Phillips.

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