Where's Baby Kate?

The trial of Sean Phillips has made national headlines and kept Northern Michigan in it's grip for the last few weeks. But, as witnesses take the stand and the trial plays out, one question still remains: Where is Baby Kate?

Four-and-a-half month old Katherine Phillips was last seen on June 29th, 2011. Her mother Ariel Courtland claims Kate's father Sean Phillips was the last person to have Baby Kate. He's on trial for unlawful imprisonment.

7&4 News sat down with local psychic medium Tammy Schuster, who has been in court since day one, to get her perspective on the case.

Schuster says she's been spending her time in the courtroom, feeding off the energy she feels. "Basically what I try to do is watch Sean, watch his family, try to pick up energy off of them, get any information that I can off of them; not what they're saying but what's in their mind and I'll write things down that come to them."

As a result, Schuster believes that Sean's family doesn't know anything about what happened to Baby Kate, however, she does believe that Sean was involved in Baby Kate's disappearance. "I don't think Baby Kate is with us. I don't believe they gave her away, I believe it was a terrible accident and panic mode set in and they just tried to cover it up, but I don't think she's alive," Schuster says.

Schuster has also drawn a map from visions she gets that led her to an area where she believes Sean took Baby Kate to bury her. She has attempted to contact Ludington Police to offer her help.

As of, Thursday, April 26, 2012, the jury is deliberating. Schuster believes that even though Sean knows what happened to Baby Kate, justice will not be served in this case.