Where's the snow?

A system pushing through Northern Michigan yesterday left many wondering-where's all the snow?

Truth is, weather is always changing-what happens once will never happen the same exact way again. This makes it interesting to study and learn about weather, but can also change a forecast drastically.

Systems speed up or slow down, or change their exact tracks, models can struggle with predictions - and when this involves a line between freezing and not freezing, the forecast gets tricky. The cold air did not move in as quickly as expected last night and many areas ended up with more freezing rain than snowfall. This said, although many backyards didn't receive the snow they were hoping for, we got the message out about ice and hazardous road conditions-thanks for helping us spread the word! There were multiple accidents, minor tree damage, and some road closures reported due to the ice today.

So what can we expect going forward tonight and tomorrow? Freezing drizzle is possible along with light snow showers - more for the lake effect locations. Across the board, most will only receive an inch if that. In the lake effect areas (TC, Bellaire, Gaylord, Charlevoix, Petoskey, etc) the amounts will be closer to two to four inches. Those same areas may be looking at another couple inches Monday night.

Luce and Chippewa counties are under a lake effect snow advisory until 7am Monday. Areas closest to Lake Superior may receive 3-4" of snowfall and visibilities may be reduced to less than a quarter mile.

We've already had one school closing for tomorrow due to icy roads, so make sure you take your time headed out the door in the morning!

Our next system looks to arrive Wednesday - we'll keep an eye on accumulations and keep you updated!