Who should store phone records?

The National Security Agency is no longer permitted to hold on to phone records, but it will still collect the data. Who do you think should be responsible for the records?

The Obama administration wants a new place to store your private information.

The National Security Agency won't stop collecting the data, but it is no longer permitted to hold on to it.

So who should store our secrets?

The president has given the justice department and attorney general 60 days to come up with the options for who is best suited to store the phone records.

When asked, people in northern Michigan said they were concerned about the security of their personal information.

They also conceded there's a need for that information to be stored when it comes to national security.

â??I can't completely say, â??No, I don't think they should do it,â??â?? said Kim Wagner of Traverse City. â??I'm not sure where the line is for too much or too little. Itâ??s scary because you think if they know this much about me, whatâ??s to keep them from doing worse things with my information?â??

â??Most of my conversations, thereâ??s nothing that important,â?? said Jim Thompson of Manistee. â??So if somebody wants to listen and look into that information, I donâ??t really have a problem with it. But there's a definite fine line where you're getting into people's personal privacy as opposed to protection of the country and the people.â??

â??Does it make me uneasy that a lot of my private information is out there? Yes,â?? said Kerry Kalbfleisch of Traverse City. â??On the other hand, do I think it's valuable that our security agency has information should they need it if there is a security issue? Absolutely.â??

Do you think phone records should be stored? If so, who should be responsible for the data?