Widely scattered rain showers

Tonight weâ??ll see a few passing, scattered showers in northern Michigan. Not everyone will see rainâ?¦the pattern will be hit or miss. Lows will range from 48 to 55 degrees. Light wind.

Thursday will be cloudy most of the time. A few more showers may pop up on the radar, but they will be scattered on the map. Highsâ?¦mostly 70sâ?¦a few upper 60s in the Upper Peninsula. Light wind 5-15 mph from the west.

Friday will be sunny much of the day. In the southern half of the Lower Peninsula, you might see a shower. Highs in the 70s. Light wind.

Saturdayâ?¦the chance of rain rises a bit. On Sundayâ?¦lots of sunshine. Both dayâ??s highs will reach the 70s.