Winter weather swing causes icy roads

Car travels along icy Northern Michigan road.

Saturday's warm-up made a lot of people happy and got them outdoors, but the drop in temperature since Saturday afternoon has made slick roads across Northern Michigan.

Cars slid along the roads on Sunday as road commissions attempted to keep up with the icy surfaces.

Grand Traverse County Road Commission General Foreman Mike Chandler said that extra crews were out and about throughout the day and more were ready to go for the night shift.

Chandler also spoke with UpNorthLive about the challenge to road crews of winter weather swings.

"It does create a problem," Chandler said. "With the thawing, the water runs across the road and as the temperature drops, it does freeze, and the problem is being there when it is. You can pre-treat a little bit as it starts to freeze, but you almost have to be there as it freezes."

Chandler advises those hitting the rough winter roads to slow down, leave early, make sure you have good tires, and give the plows room.