Woman accused of stealing thousands from the poor

Mary Flohe faces 7 counts of embezzlement

The former director of a Traverse City non-profit is facing seven felony embezzlement charges.

Mary Flohe, 69, of Leelanau County, turned herself in to Traverse City Police and was arraigned on the charges Thursday.

Flohe is accused of stealing about $200,000 from The Society of St. Vincent DePaul. An internal audit alerted investigators to the missing funds. Officials believe the money was taken over a period of five years, from Jan. 2005 through Oct. 2010.

Flohe was the Director of the organization for nearly twenty years. She was terminated from the job in 2010.

The embezzlement charges allege that Flohe used cash donations and proceeds of merchandise donated to the organization for her and her family's personal use.

Flohe will be back in court on Feb. 2 for a Preliminary Exam. Read the court documents by clicking here.