Woman arrested after smuggling drugs into jail in her vagina

Stacy Lynn Youngs, 33, allegedly smugged drugs into the Wexford County Jail in her vagina.

A woman was arrested after allegedly smuggling drugs into the Wexford County Jail in her vagina.

Stacy Lynn Youngs, 33, was charged with three counts of furnishing contraband to a prisoner, three counts of prisoner possession of contraband, two counts of delivering a controlled substance and one count of second offense habitual offender.

Youngs was being jailed on a probation violation when she smuggled the drugs in.

The Wexford County Prosecutor says the drugs were allegedly shared with other inmates and ultimately discovered when one of the inmates got sick after using the drugs. The drugs in question were three different types of pills including gabpentin, tazadone and clonazepam, a schedule 4 narcotic, totaling 80 pills.

The prosecutor said this is not the first instance of this type of behavior.

"It goes to show the lengths that individuals will go to feed a bad drug habit," said prosecutor Anthony Badovinac.

Youngs is scheduled to be back in court on July 1.