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      Woman hit and killed while walking

      A 33-year-old woman is dead after being hit by a car while walking in Interlochen.

      The Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Office said the woman, Sarah Phillips, was hit around 11 p.m. Thursday on U.S. 31 near Melody Lane in Green Lake Township.

      Investigators said Phillips was in the west bound lane of U.S. 31 when she was hit by a west bound vehicle. The driver of the car was a 19-year-old Morgan Schonts.

      "It doesn't really appear that the driver was doing anything wrong," said Capt. Dave Meachum. "They were just traveling westbound. We know that alcohol was not a factor, doesn't appear that anything else is a factor as far as the driver. The pedestrian was walking in the roadway, was wearing dark clothing, and had her back to traffic."

      The vehicle was towed from the scene and will be inspected later on Friday. The investigation remains open.

      "Whether you're the pedestrians family or you're this young lady's family, it's just tough to be on either side of this," said Meachum. "Both sides are obviously going to struggle with the outcome of this accident, not matter which way it comes out."

      Officials want to remind everyone that when walking near traffic, it's important to walk against the traffic flow, keep out of the road, and stay on the shoulder or on sidewalks. When walking at night, wear bright or reflective clothing.