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      Woman pleads guilty to stealing $20,000 from Little League

      Sandy Enos admitted to stealing nearly $20,000 from the Grayling Little League last year.

      A C rawford County woman pleads guilty to charges for stealing $20,000 from the Grayling Little League.

      57 - year - old Sandy Enos admitted to stealing the money during her time as the league's treasurer.

      Wednesday, she plead guilty to one charge of forgery and two charges of embezzlement which carries a maximum total sentence of 24 years.

      E nos was arrested in early October after parent volunteers realized she was writing large checks to herself. A long investigation revealed that she had been paying off her bills with money from the little league for four years.

      The money she stole was supposed to go towards field improvements, new jerseys and other operating costs.

      Enos will be sentenced in March.