Woman who stole from elderly man sentenced to one year in jail

Carolyn Flees was sentenced to one year in jail after stealing from a vulnerable adult she was a part-time caregiver for.

The woman who deputies say stole thousands from an elderly Lake Leelanau man was sentenced to one year in jail.

Carolyn Flees, 59, was a part-time caregiver for the man for seven years.

According to the Sheriff's Department, the victim's bank contacted Adult Protective Services and Leelanau County detectives in August of 2012 because the victim's account was overdrawn and unusually large amounts of money have been removed.

While authorities believe Flees stole over $40,000 total over two and a half years, she was charged with and plead guilty to only a one-year misdemeanor of embezzlement from a vulnerable adult over $200 but less than $1000.

Although Flees was sentenced two 365 days in jail, the Sheriff's Department reports she will be eligible to be released to a Community Corrections program after 150 days. She will also be forced to pay $30,000 restitution before the end of two years.