Workers needed for agriculture businesses

Michigan TMs agricultural businesses are hiring, but finding people with the right skills and training to fill the sector TMs needs is a challenge, according to the Agricultural Leaders of Michigan.

There is an increasing demand and need for farmers because farmers are aging out in our state, as they are nationally, but also it's not just about fruit and vegetables. People are thinking of year-round growing so they can meet that demand, so there is the technology associated with season extension, said Susan Cocciarelli, Northwest Michigan Sustainable Agriculture and Food Sector Alliance.

In order to properly invest in Michigan TMs Agricultural future, Cocciarelli tells 7&4 News Michigan has to invest on multiple levels. She said private investment and land preservation is key. Developing a qualified, skilled workforce is also important as farming technology evolves.

If you are using unheated coop houses and you are growing crops, diverse crops, on 3 acres, the knowledge of doing that and the type of skills you need to do that is different from farming 600 acres in an orchard, said Cocciarelli.

According to the Agriculture Leaders of Michigan, agriculture employs more than 1 million people in Michigan " that TMs one in four workers. They said It also generates more than $91 billion a year for Michigan TMs economy.

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