Young girl finds razor blade in snowcone

McCombs daughter found this razor blade at the bottom of her snow cone.

A Traverse City mother is speaking out after she says, her daughter found a rusty razor blade in her snow cone.

Carrie McCombs said she got her ten-year-old daughter a snow cone before leaving the Northwestern Michigan Fair last week.

Her daughter was eating it when she found a rusty, bite-sized razor blade.

The Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Office investigated the vendor who sold it to her, but they didn't find any signs of foul play.

McCombs can't help but think about what could have happened.

"I keep thinking 'what if she were only three years old and didn't know better', or it didn't cross her mind of what it was and she just kept eating it?" McCombs said. "It's really scary when things like this hits close to home."

Deputies told McCombs that the blade found in the snowcome was not from the ice machine because it was a different type of metal.

While that does raise her suspicions of foul play, McCombs doesn't want to jump to conclusions. She wants to raise awareness and for the person responsible to be held accountable.

As of Monday evening, McCombs had not received an apology from the fair nor the vendor who sold her the snow cone.