Ben Carson calls FBI review of Clinton's use of private server 'troubling'


EAST LANSING, Mich. (SINCLAIR BROADCAST GROUP) -- Hillary Clinton's campaign is calling on the FBI to release the full details of what the bureau is examining.

On Friday, FBI Director James Comey told members of Congress that the FBI was again looking into Clinton's use of a private email server.

The new emails the FBI are reviewing were discovered in an unrelated probe.

Right now Hillary Clinton is swiping at shadows because we don't know what information the FBI is reviewing.

This new revelation, days before the election, may give Donald Trump's campaign a bump in Michigan, where some polls show he's within striking distance.

Trump is trying to score last minute touch downs to win Michigan's sixteen electoral votes.

On the day when two Big Ten teams faced off in East Lasing ten days before the November Election, Trump dispatch Ben Carson to his home state.

"Why Donald Trump for Michigan?" asked Political Reporter Nick Minock.

"What are our choices? Certainly not Hillary Clinton who will just continue the same programs that have allowed Michigan - which used to be a dynamic power house in manufacturing - go down the tubes," replied Dr. Ben Carson. "We need somebody who has advocated for the manufacturing segment, and for the blue collar segment, as well as for the intellectual segment so that we can revive this place."

While Carson boosted Trump at the U of M vs. MSU game in East Lansing, Chelsea Clinton campaign for her mother in Muskegon and Battle Creek.

Clinton didn't hold her hits against Trump.

"The Trump effect, the rise of bullying in our middle schools or high schools even in our elementary schools is real and it is damaging," said Chelsea Clinton.

Clinton's and Carson's Michigan stops on Saturday come one day after the FBI Director announced the bureau will review new emails to determine whether they contain classified information.

It's unclear what information the emails contain and if it will ultimately lead to federal charges against Hillary Clinton or one of her aides.

"Is the information that we found out yesterday troubling, about Hillary Clinton?" asked Minock.

"Well, it's troubling, but it was troubling before, for me quite, frankly. I mean when someone gets rid of the 33,000 emails after having been subpoenaed knowing that that was going to bring trouble for you, you have to ask yourself what was in the emails?" answered Dr. Carson.

Tonight some Michigan football fans are asking the same questions as they cast their early votes in what's becoming a must win state for the Clinton campaign.

Ahead of Carson's visit to East Lansing, the Clinton campaign pushed back in a statement.

“When Donald Trump asks what I, as an African American woman, have to lose, the answer is simple: everything," said U.S. Rep. Brenda Lawrence. "I don’t want my grandchildren to grow up in a world that supports Trump’s divisive rhetoric, because that is unacceptable in the America I know and love."

"On Election Day, Michiganders will remember that Trump promoted racist conspiracies against our first African American president, was sued by the Justice Department for failing to rent apartments to people of color, and refused to immediately repudiate hate groups like the KKK," U.S. Rep. Lawrence continued in a statement. "Throughout his entire campaign, he has sought to divide our country in order to promote himself.

Trump's campaign returned fire at Chelsea Clinton ahead of her visit to Muskegon.

“According to recent reports, Chelsea Clinton was concerned enough about the level of corruption taking place at the Clinton Foundation that she brought lawyers in to look into the legality of the pay-to-play scheme that they called 'Clinton Inc.,' and now we learn the FBI has reopened its investigation in to Hillary's possible criminal conduct with her email. So many questions are being raised -- Michiganders are tired of the same old corruption and ethical baggage from career Washington insiders like the Clintons, and will vote for change in November," said Scott Hagerstrom the Trump-Pence Michigan State Campaign Director

The presidential campaign isn't over in Michigan.

On Sunday, Tim Kaine will visit voters in Metro Detroit.

On Monday, Trump will return to Macomb County and Grand Rapids to rally supporters.

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