Bill would prohibit Michigan police officers from having sex with prostitutes


MICHIGAN (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – Currently, Michigan is the only state that legal allows police officers to have sex with prostitutes during an investigation.

There is now a new bill in Lansing that would change that.

Michigan State Police say it’s not the kind of tactic troopers use in their investigations, but when it comes to local police departments, one lawmaker says it may have happened at least once.

Inside a Michigan hotel room, an undercover officer first met a call girl known as Steam. Records say he traded her 200 dollars for sex over a decade ago. At the time no one, including the prostitute, faced charges.

Now, more than a decade later, Michigan lawmakers are looking to pass a bill that would prohibit Michigan officers from having sex with prostitutes during an investigation.

“This is a no brainer,” said Republican Representative Gary Glenn, who is leading the charge on the bill.

Rep. Glenn explained to Newschannel 3 how Michigan wound up with this exemption for officers and prostitutes.

“It was a blanket exemption, nobody intentionally exempted law enforcement personnel from prosecution for actually engaging in sexual activity in prostitution stings, it was just a general blanket exemption from prosecution from anything they were engaged in,” said Rep. Glenn.

In 2007, The Kalamazoo Gazette published KDPS records from a 2003 prostitution sting.

The Gazette reported that the records revealed Kalamazoo Valley Enforcement Team member had oral sex with a woman he was working undercover to investigate.

"There is no evidence of law enforcement personnel on a wide spread basis actually trying to use this language. There may have been one case in Kalamazoo, but that's not the point,” said Rep. Glenn. “The point is to remove any doubt that Michigan isn't going to protect women and girls from sexual assault no matter who the perpetrator might be."

Rep. Glenn says another reason he wants to pass his bill is to ensure that no one is impersonating a police officer while soliciting sex from prostitutes.

Glenn’s bill is being referred to the House Committee on Law and Justice. Newschannel 3 will keep you updated when the bill gets a hearing.

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