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      Applicants apply for stay-at-home mom job in viral video

      A video entitled "World's Toughest Job" has gone viral in anticipation of Mother's Day this weekend.

      The video has amassed 17 million views on YouTube and is drawing both praise and criticism.

      The video portrays video interviews with applications interviewing for the job of "Director of Operations."

      In reality, the job duties the employer describes, like working all hours of the day with no pay, the need for skills in medicine, finance and culinary arts, are actually the duties a mother has.

      Applicants were shocked by the job requirements and some even questioned whether or not the job was legal.

      Most reactions, including those of the "applicants," were positive, ending with emotion, shock and heartfelt thanks for their own mothers. Some, however, have called the video offensive and said it is "not at all good for the female gender."

      The ad campaign, produced for the American Greetings Card Company, was dreamt up by a West Michigan native who was inspired after visiting family in Grand Rapids over the holiday.