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      Camp CoBeAc mourns after Indianapolis bus tragedy

      Just hours after counselors were waving good-bye to campers as they left Camp CoBeAc in Roscommon County, the staff received word that one of the church groups did not make it home safely.

      A bus carrying members of the Colonial Hills Church in Indianapolis crashed and three people were killed. The church's youth pastor, Chad Phelps and his pregnant wife Courtney, along with Tonya Weindorf who was a chaperone for the trip, were killed when the bus flipped on it's side in Indianapolis.

      Some Camp CoBeAc staff who were already planning to go to Indiana on a church retreat quickly changed their course when they heard of the crash.

      "They were able to go right to the church and to pray with the people there," said Cindy Ferrier, Camp CoBeAc business manager. "And to counsel with some of the kids that they had spent time with this week, so that was great for our staff."

      Camp staff members say that they are relying on their faith to get through this hard time.

      "Of course it is difficult, we know that God's in control and it's his plan and it will work for his good, we don't know being here on earth what that all entails but it's a loss for us," said Ferrier.

      Several staff members including the director say they plan to attend the funerals.