Former TWA Flight 800 investigators want new probe

The reconstruction of TWA Flight 800 sits in Calverton, N.Y., in a file handout photo. More than 727 pieces were hung for the reconstruction, which is approximately 94 feet long, and 25 feet wide, and was supervised by The National Transportation Safety Board and the FBI. Image taken through reconstruction grid.

NEW YORK (AP) â?? Former investigators of the TWA Flight 800 crash off Long Island are calling on the National Transportation Safety Board to re-examine the case.

The retired investigators claim that findings were "falsified." A documentary on the subject is coming out in July.

The 1996 crash of the Paris-bound flight killed 230 people.

Initial speculation ranged from maintenance problems to a bomb and even a meteorite. Some critics theorized that a Navy missile accidentally brought down the jetliner.

The NTSB concluded that Flight 800 was destroyed by a center fuel tank explosion, probably caused by a spark from a short-circuit in the wiring.

The agency said Wednesday its four-year probe remains one of its "most detailed investigations."

The board said it would review any petition it receives from the documentary's producers.

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