100 pounds down

The start of March is usually a time when people start to fall off track with their New Year's resolutions of getting into shape or losing weight. One northern Michigan woman has not only stuck to her plan to get healthy for several months now, but she's also lost 100 pounds.

Liz Ryner is a client of certified personal trainer, Stacy Jago. She is a not only a mother but works full time and works out with Jago on a regular basis. Ryner's heaviest weight was more than 300 pounds and she was a size 28W. Now she's down to a size 16/18 and still going strong.

Ryner says she focuses on a well balanced diet and a lot of cardio and strength training. She says she wants to give hope to other people who are trying to lose weight and feel healthy because the possibilities are endless.

To see the complete interview check out the video clip from 7&4 News Today.

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