40 good deeds to remember a 40th birthday

Friends are doing 40 good deeds in honor of Stacy Heath who died from a stroke in 2012.

Today would have been Stacy Heath's 40th birthday.

But in December of 2012, Heath died suddenly from a stroke.

So in honor of their lost friend, community members are doing 40 good deeds.

The day for the 40 deeds gang started at a gas station in Charlevoix. Five people who were close to Stacy helped random people pump their gas, handed out free lottery tickets and telling Stacy's story.

"We shared a connection and I could feel her in that connection," Stacy's husband Tom said. "I could feel her giving spirit and it just hit me to the core and I know it hit him too," Tom said speaking of a man he gave lottery tickets.

Some close family members created a Facebook page to honor her and spread awareness about today's event. And since it was created a few weeks ago, more than 500 people have liked the page.

And so far today, people have been posting stories of the good deeds done in memory of Stacy. Some have donated to charity, while others have done simple tasks to make someone's day better. All to remember a woman that people have called extrememly kind and generous.

"It's important to us that instead of spending the day being sad at home we're out and we are helping people that need it because it's what she did everyday of her life," said Katie Heath, Stacy's daughter.

As the day went on they wiped snow off cars, fixed a flat tire, and even stopped by the library to put one dollar bills into random books.

The act of giving back was contagious. People from all over the country, and some even in Australia and India, were also doing good deeds.

Hundreds posted their deeds on the Facebook page dedicated to Stacy.

"She always did stuff for people really covertly," Randi Hunter said. "No matter what you needed, Stacy was always there for you. Giving was just her whole life and her whole being."