A Classroom Salute to Mrs. Spie's 4th Grade

Classroom Salute is where UpNorthLive can showcase some of the wonderful teachers in northern Michigan. A different class is featured each morning and at the end of the week all 5 classes are put into a drawing for a free ice cream party.

Today Classroom Salute visited Mrs. Spie's 4th grade class at Alanson Public School in Emmet County. The students were working very diligently as part of their rotation time. For a half hour every day, the students spend 15 minutes at each station and rotate twice, going to 2 stations a day.

The stations are made up of just a few students or sometimes a bigger group and they work together to review math, reading and writing skills.

A big salute to Mrs.Spie and her 4th graders, keep up the good work!