A Father's Love: Project helps Carly Lewis' dad cope

The past year has been extremely painful for friends and family of murdered teen Carly Lewis. A special project has been helping her father, Todd make it through the difficult times.

Todd Lewis says, "I think about her every moment. I wanted as much goodness to come from this tragedy as possible, not only for the community and Carly, but for my own healing."

Since Carly's death, Todd Lewis has thrown himself into designing and building a disc golf course at Mount Holiday in Traverse City. It's a sport he's been playing since the 70's and something he always enjoyed doing with his family.

Todd Lewis says, "Carly and I disc golfed together. My son Mitchell also disc golfed with friends.Carly wasn't competitive, she loved it for the social apects."

That's why it's called Carly's Playground. It's completion comes near the one year anniversary of her death, and what would have been her 18th birthday.

Todd Lewis says, "Hundreds and hundreds of hours of work. I dug out a lot of these tee boxes myself."

It's not something he's accomplished alone, the community has lent a helping hand along the way. The final product is something he's extremely proud of.

Todd Lewis says, "I think it is important for young people to have an escape and have some physical exercise."

Carly is a part of the course, not only are the baskets hot pink, but each hole boasts a picture of the happy teen along with a positive message.

It's here where Todd wants to heal and remember the daughter he loved so much.

Todd Lewis says, "We're determined to live on and have a good life and honor Carly. That's what Carly would have wanted. She wanted everyone to be happy and did her best to cheer up everyone around her."

Carly's Playground is a non-profit organization. The disc golf course is free for anyone under 17 years old. It's $2 for adults.

A grand opening celebration is being held on June 9th and 10th. There will be events all day including a disc golf tournament, kids carnival, and BBQ.

A candle light memorial will be held at 11:00p.m.

Tickets are on sale for $9 at Tilley's Party Store on Randolph Street in Traverse City.