A generous church donation takes a bite out of hunger

The Mount Hope Church in Gaylord is celebrating a small victory in their fight against hunger in Otsego County.

At the United Way Building members from the Mount Hope Church who organized the 6th annual Classic Car show presented a check for $4,500 to the Otsego County Food Pantry Monday.

Executive Director Bob Wright of the Otesgo County Food Pantry said he is going to use the generous donation to keep more than 6,000 in-need people in Otsego County fed.

â??Out of those 6,000 roughly, 24% of those are children that are being served here,â?? said Wright. â??It's very important. Otherwise, those people would go hungry. We can give them a two week supply of food and give them a helping hand. We don't give them a handout.â??

The amount donated is enough to keep the pantry stocked for three weeks.

â??Without generous donations like this we canâ??t feed Otesgo County,â?? said Wright.