A heart healthy way of life

The 2nd annual HeartChase of Traverse City is one money away and that means teams need to get on board and register. The event through the American Heart Association focuses on a heart healthy lifestyle through various checkpoints set up in the downtown Traverse City Area.

Teams of two to five people will have the chance to complete the checkpoints during a three hours span. The checkpoints will all focus on a physical activity or a healthy aspect of life. Every team needs a smart phone to keep track of their points and any additional points along the way.

The event kicks off at the Open Space in Traverse City, Saturday August 11th at 9 a.m. and goes until noon. All of the proceeds go directly towards research and advancements in heart disease technology with the American Heart Association.

7&4's Melissa Smith who is the chairperson of HeartChase Traverse City, sat down with fellow board member, Lori Zemsta to talk about why she's taking part in the event for the second year. Zemsta was diagnosed with heart disease and also lost her father to a heart attack when she was just nine years old. For her, it's a person mission to get men and women to take heart disease seriously.

For more information click on the video clip above. To register for HeartChase Traverse City 2012 click here.

You can also email Melissa Smith at