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      A joint solution

      For Dolores Thorman of Boyne City it was an agonizing pain that went on for the past five years that started affecting her daily life.

      "Just riding in the car, getting in and out of the car and getting in an out of a chair was a challenge," says Thorman.

      Thorman was having severe pain in the right side of her lower back. She went through physical therapy, even tried a chiropractor and pain injections, but nothing seemed to help.

      "I had problems mowing the lawn, working in the flower bed," says Thorman.

      She basically wanted her life back and finally had a cat-scan done, which led her doctor to realize that she was having a problem here in the pelvic area, in what's known as the SI joint. The solution was a non-invasive form of surgery.

      "The SI joint is the part where the spine connects to the pelvis. it can get arthritis like a hip or shoulder. in those joints you replace them but in an SI joint you don't replace but instead fuse it, no motion. if you eliminate the motion, you eliminate the pain," says Dr. Scott Groseclose with Munson Medical Center.

      Dr. Groseclose is an orthopedic surgeon at Munson. He recommended that Thorman have an SI fusion done.

      "It's minimally invasive and generally it's younger women who have never had an accident or anyone whose had a pelvis fracture before or injury," says Dr. Groseclose.

      Dr. Groseclose says the SI joint issue is fairly common and sometimes can get overlooked.

      "The SI joint is something a lot of physicians don't think about. It's not really a traditional area of discomfort. If people have low back pain it could be the SI joint or other causes. In general, low back pain people need to think of SI joint," says Dr. Groseclose.

      For Thorman she says she feels like herself again after several years of pain...and says people simply need to listen to their bodies.

      "I'd recommend to maybe look into this. It could help give your life back to you," says Thorman.

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