A look back at UpNorthLive Tonight over the years!

It has been a good run for UpNorthLive Tonight and we wanted to look back at some of our best and most fun moments over the years. We have everything from Erika as a blonde bombshell, former ABC Ambassador Jamie Kramer's shenanigans, Megan's silly antics, Mark Watkin's charm and everyone else who was part of making our show great! Thank you all for tuning in and being faithful viewers over the years. Be sure to tune in at 6:30 on ABC 29&8 every evening as we bring you your local news!

Special Thanks To- Upnorthlive ReVibe Crew: Wendy Nienhouse, Denine Dingeman, Dan Brady, Super Mom: Sherry Taylor-Galbraith, Dr. Ann Marie Love,

June McGrath, Brian Manley & furry friends at AC Paw, Chef Phil Murray & Aurora, Horizon Books: Amy Reynolds, National Writers Series, Mark Thompson, Z93's Ron Pritchard and Courtney Rehmer, Erin Crowell & the Northern Express, Dance Instructor Maria West, Director: Dale Brass, Graphics: Nick Bank, Photographer Bob Rhodes, Assistant Producer Katie Masters, and Deals Guy Todd Norris!