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      A man rescues his neighbor from an icy lake

      A v ery scary situation for a Cheboygan man when he fell through the ice. Monday night, 67-year-old Michael Ceuerle was riding his four-wheeler on Black Lake in Cheboygan County when the ice caved in.

      A fter he fell through , he yelled for help. That's when his 70 year old neighbor came to the rescue. Raymond Rathbun secured a rope and threw it to Beuerle and was able to pull him to land.

      T he Cheboygan County dive team was able to get the four-wheeler out of the water. And looking back, Beuerle is just relieved that someone was there to help.

      " I was lucky, very fortunate that someone was there that could help me and I read too many stories where people go in and there isn't anybody there or there isn't anybody there that can do anything to help you get out ," Beuerle said.

      B euerle tells 7&4 News that he tested the ice before he went out, and it was 5 inches deep, which the Department of Natural Resources says is the right thickness to take vehicles out on.

      H e also says he is a little sore today , but overall he feels ok after the incident.