A man rescues his neighbor from an icy lake

A v

ery scary situation for a
Cheboygan man when he fell through the ice. Monday night, 67-year-old Michael Ceuerle was riding his four-wheeler on Black Lake in Cheboygan County when the ice caved in.


fter he fell through

, he yelled for help. That's when his 70 year old neighbor came to the rescue. Raymond Rathbun secured a rope and threw it to Beuerle and was able to pull him to land.


Cheboygan County dive team was able to get the four-wheeler out of the water. And looking back, Beuerle is just relieved that someone was there to help.


I was lucky, very fortunate that someone was there that could help me and I read too many stories where people go in and there isn't anybody there or there isn't anybody there that can do anything to help you get out

," Beuerle said.


euerle tells 7&4
News that he tested the ice before he went out, and it was 5 inches deep, which the Department of Natural Resources says is the right thickness to take vehicles out on.


e also says he is a little sore today


but overall he feels ok after the incident.